West Indian Wordsmith • Pop Culture Critic • Full Metal Bitch Analyzing mass media from a feminist perspective.


Selected Work


As a freelance writer, my work is featured all over the web across a number of publications for diverse audiences with varied interests. Read some of my featured pieces.


I’ve been a guest on several podcasts discussing everything from performative misandry to Beyoncé’s pregnancy announcement. Listen to those conversations.


In my capacity as a critic, I’ve been cited in a variety of publications about my writing on pop culture, black women and intersectional feminism. See what I had to say.


My essays are often critically analyzed and included as explainers on various aspects of feminism by other writers and publications. Read those discussions.


What I write about

Feminist Movie Reviews

I'm an ardent fan of movies and I enjoy the challenge of framing films in a feminist media studies context. No movie is too silly or unimportant for an intersectional analysis.

Pop Culture Response Pieces

Remember when Miley twerked on the VMA stage? I write about current cultural conversations around race and gender, especially with respect to the representation of black women in the media.

Music Video Commentary

Contextualizing a music video is essential to music criticism. I write about the relationships between an artist, their music and their visual output and what that means for a culture that consumes it.

Television Reviews

I love television and often write response pieces exploring the themes of programs I am watching for pleasure in order to  contextualize them within the current sociopolitical climate.

Cultural Criticism

These birds eye view pieces take a broader look at cultural trends. They are often borne out of stories in the current news cycle and provide a political take on pop culture.