Rihanna Party! (with Gina Delvac)

Last year, NPR Music ran an audacious headline: “Rihanna Is The 21st Century’s Most Influential Musician.” Millions and millions of fans the world over agree, and while we try to avoid overt expressions of pop favoritism, we think they’ve got a strong case. It’s for that reason and a dozen others that we were thrilled to welcome Gina Delvac of the hit podcast Call Your Girlfriend back to the show to discuss the legendary career of one Ms. Robyn Rihanna Fenty.

In Defense of Pop

Pop music always seems to get the short end of the stick. In this piece, Cate Young talks to culture experts and critics to figure out why pop music still gets treated like the red-headed stepchild of musical taste.

From Where We Are: Simpson Looms Large As USC Struggles With His Legacy

USC has a long and storied history. The famous for everything from it’s Hollywood alum to its various scandals. But no story has been quite as big as its association with O.J. Simpson, the Heisman-winning football player and star who was later tried and exonerated for murder.

Simpson’s ties to the school remain, as his trophy is still on display and his name still appears in the Walk of Fame. But years after his graduation, his legacy looms even larger than before.

Bey's Announcement & Sundance Showdown

Sound the air horn and let the confetti fly, Dahlia and Amy talk about Beyoncé's beautiful pregnancy announcement and what's behind the imagery with Cate Young, Bitch Media's 2016 Pop Culture Criticism Fellow.


Chaos. We spend so much energy trying to avoid it. Both in politics and in our personal lives, things rarely go as planned. That doesn’t stop us from trying, from willing and working to make things people and countries fall in line. But often chaos is just what we need. 

The Good, The Bad & The Messy Awards

Before we leave 2016 behind for good, let’s breakdown of the good, the bad and the hot mess we witnessed this year. Guests Cate Young and April Reign join host Raquel Willis.

Colin Kaepernick, Chris Brown and the #AllLivesMatter Celeb Quote Game

We're back with a brand new episode of the BGD Podcast! Join our new host, Raquel Willis, as she and guest Cate Young discuss Colin Kaepernick's protest, Chris Brown's latest run-in with the law, and Black celebs who have said the dreaded "all lives matter" —play along and see if you can guess who said what!

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Patti’s Pies,White Girl Tears and NBPoC F*ckery, Oh My!

This week, Black Girl Dangerous Mia McKenzie and guests Jamie Nesbitt Golden and Cate Young discuss Patti’s Pies, Empire, why white women don’t need to have opinions on how black women celebrate each other, Aziz Ansari’s new show and non-Black PoC f*ckery!

White Celebrity “Allyship”

Black Girl Dangerous Mia McKenzie and guests N’Jaila Rhee, CarmenLeah Ascencio and Cate Young discuss Ben Carson’s new “urban” radio ad, the Daniel Holtzclaw case, Matt McGorry and white celebrity “allyship” and why Amber Rose may be exactly the feminist we need right now.

Why We Don’t Trust Hillary

Listen to Black Girl Dangerous herself—Mia McKenzie—and guests Jamie Nesbitt Golden, Reagan Gomez and Cate Young discuss the Democratic debate, why we don’t trust Hillary Clinton, Quentin Tarantino and the importance of controlling our own narratives as marginalized people, Ellen Degeneres’ racist Nicki Minaj skit and more!

Solidarity is for Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus – you can do what you want at your party, but some hella smart women are gonna call you out for it, and you better listen! Hear how one feminist blogger went viral for calling Miley out on her racist appropriations in her VMA performance… and reminded white feminists to not forget black women in the struggle.


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