THE FINANCIAL DIET: I Don't Think There's Anything Wrong With Marrying Men For Their Money

Women should marry for money. Not love or passion, but access to wealth. At every stage of their careers, male-led institutions make excuses to pay women less than they are worth, if they aren’t pushing them out of high-paying jobs outright. As far as I’m concerned, that money belongs to us — women — so why not marry the men it was given to instead, and make it ours?

THE FINANCIAL DIET: 6 Honest Questions & Answers Between 2 Friends With Very Different Incomes

So many of our social graces are tied up in money, that it’s almost inevitable that income disparities will become a sticking point between friends. Whether it’s the weekly meet-up for drinks, or shelling out for a bridesmaid dress, our social contracts necessitate everyday transactions that pile up, and some of us just can’t afford them. Last month, I sat down with my best friend, Alice (whose name I’ve changed for privacy purposes), to have a totally honest conversation about our financial lives.

BITCH MEDIA: Black Venus Rising: The Symbolism of Beyoncé's Pregnancy Photos

Anyone who has seen Lemonade can tell you that Beyoncé is fond of bending symbols to her will. From sinking a police car to dressing her dancers as Black Panthers, Yoncé has made it clear that she's aware of her place in our culture and understands the responsibility of wielding such vast influence.

BITCH MEDIA: The Year In Black Girl Magic

Of course, a year-end list could never fully encapsulate the multitude of ways in which Black women displayed their excellence in 2016. From Simone Biles sweeping the Olympics to Black actresses like Tracee Ellis Ross and Viola Davis finally getting the awards recognition they deserve, it’s clear that Black women have long known how to thrive when the odds are against us. 

BITCH MEDIA: Male Tears For Fears: Embracing The Ironic Performance of Misandry

The rising prominence of feminism in mainstream discourse does mean that fewer men will automatically have access to unearned privilege. But the key word is “unearned.” In a fair and just world, men never would have been privy to those benefits in the first place.

BITCH MEDIA: Bwitch, Please: An Interview With Johanna Middleton and Martine Moore

Billed as a “witch's brew of comedy, camp, and commentary,” the five-episode web series Bwitches, cocreated by best friends/roommates Johanna Middleton and Martine Moore, tackles everything from dating to racial microaggressions from the perspective of two women of different races.

BITCH MEDIA: Reboot And Rally: The Revolutionary Opportunities Inherent In Reupping Franchise Favourites

Culturally, we have very specific ideas about who gets to be the hero, who is seen as a villain, and who gets to save the world. Racebending films that already exist allow us to easily cheat the boundaries of diversity, but also to add new dimensions to clichéd stories. They make inroads into our perception of who gets to be loved and valued and who gets to be protected. Racebending allows us to slowly widen the margins of who is allowed to have their stories told.

BITCH MEDIA: Performance Anxiety: Why I'm Here To Watch Drake Worship Rihanna

Pop culture is so full to the brim of narratives that reinforce the idea that no man would proudly claim a Black woman as his love and equal partner that it’s easy to feel like Black women are singularly undeserving of love and adoration. Even Eartha Kitt spoke publicly about her difficulty dating intraracially due to the prevailing idea that a Black woman had little to offer a man on the rise.

BITCH MEDIA: On "Orange Is The New Black" And The Destruction Of Black Bodies

Art is meant not just to reflect life, but to comment on it. To distill a universal truth about the mundane lives we live and supply us with a greater understanding of ourselves. The artist’s responsibility is not simply to reproduce the violence that exists, but to deconstruct it. What did this season of OITNB add to the conversation about police brutality that hadn’t already been said? How was this plotline any different from a simple reproduction of Black trauma?

BITCH MEDIA: When Visibility Isn't Enough: Abigail Mills And The Failed Promise of Sleepy Hollow

The quiet magic of Sleepy Hollow was its unassuming diversity. Abigail Mills and Ichabod Crane, joined together as Witnesses to a biblical prophecy across time, spent each week saving the world from apocalypse. Their adventures straddled genres from sci-fi to historical fiction, granting the Black women offscreen access to those spaces as the characters fought mythical monsters. But after a spectacular debut, the sophomore season saw Abigail and other visible minority characters consistently sidelined in favor of newly introduced white characters. 

THE FINANCIAL DIET: 5 Unexpected Little Victories That Made Me Realize I'm Getting Good With Money

If you were lucky, you had parents who were able to stringently pass on strong financial values. But if you weren’t, you likely to had to figure out how to manage money when you got your first official paycheck. Generational poverty is real, but so is generational money mismanagement. If you never had a proper model for how to be responsible with money, it makes it doubly hard to develop those habits on your own.

THOSE PEOPLE: Why Viola Davis' Emmy Win Matters

Over time we have “cultivated” a specific image of what a leading lady looks like. Of what desirability looks like. Of what talent and beauty and “class” look like. And these women? These beautiful dark-skinned women with broad noses and big lips and kinky hair? It wasn’t them. It was strategically not meant to be them. They were purposefully removed from the definition of womanhood much less anything else. 

METRO MAGAZINE: Milestones: Vaughnette Bigford Celebrates A Decade In Jazz

It’s not easy to make your mark in local music when the landscape so heavily revolves around the yearly soca cycle, but Vaughnette Bigford, 40, has made her mark and more. On the cusp of celebrating ten years in jazz, Vaughnette told me a little about her career so far.

METRO MAGAZINE: Below The Surface: Ryan Roque Continues The Local Tattoo Legacy

Sitting in the waiting area of Sinful Skin on French Street in Woodbrook, it’s easy to get sucked into the tattoo studio’s slow moving vibe. The contrast from the busy street outside is stark. All dim lighting and heart pounding music, Sinful Skin is a tiny but well curated escape from the mainstream.

METRO MAGAZINE: Van Der Vlugt Is The New BridalWear Baron

Inundated by beautiful designs and stunning collections, the escapism of fashion allows people to forget that there’s a lot that goes into producing the gorgeous work that designers do. Sketching on a page only takes imagination, but bringing that vision to life and actually making money takes a business sense that many creatives neglect.

METRO MAGAZINE: More Than Just A Selfie: Patrice Millien Uncovers Local Talent 

If you were hoping for more parodies, you’re out of luck. According to Patrice, there’s just too much danger of having her agency pigeonholed into a niche she doesn’t want to be in. But between the upcoming second season of “Uncovered” and Patrice’s other plans, there will be lots of great content for Trinidad to enjoy for ages to come.

METRO MAGAZINE: Keeping Company With Jaguars: Arts and Identity With Brianna McCarthy

Anyone familiar with her work can immediately make the connection between art and artist: elements of Brianna’s own image turn up constantly as motifs in her work. From the shape of her nose, to the kink of her hair, there is a little bit of herself in each of her women.


You’d only think his braggadocio was unwarranted if you haven’t seen his product. It’s very clear that his art infiltrates every aspect of his business, and it’s his disregard for the traditional boundaries of art that make his t-shirts so compelling.

OUTLISH MAGAZINE: Cocoa Vintage: The Artful Jeweller

Cocoa Vintage is geared towards women who appreciate art, as well as things that are different, cultural and unique. The pieces are delicate in nature, and remind you of a time, when things were painstakingly crafted from scratch. The earrings are elegant; the rings… dignified. The entire line solidifies an aesthetic that is earthy, cultured and genuine.

OUTLISH MAGAZINE: Nick Salloum: Engineer Gone FashionNiQ

The NiQ Fashion t-shirt, board shorts, and signature blue shades he wore during the interview attested to that. Although he hasn’t ruled out the possibility of showing in next year’s instalment of Fashion Week Trinidad and Tobago, his personal philosophy to “live fast and die young” indicates that NiQ’s future launches may become part of how Salloum sets his brand apart from the masses.

OUTLISH MAGAZINE: Christian Boucaud: Designing Her Dreams

“It’s a surreal feeling to have designers who I admire tell me that they admire my work and recognize my improvements,” she shares, adding that her schedule is even more hectic now. “Keeping up with the great response I received from Fashion Week is difficult, but I am loving it.”


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