The Financial Diet


Fyre Festival & The Privilege Of Buying Into A Fantasy

While the generations before and after us have either opted out of social media or never known a world without it, we had a front-row seat to the way media and technology changed over time, and how our cultural values shifted to suit. It’s no longer enough to simply have a good life, we must perform a good life — online for all our followers, across various platforms. We went from being warned never to reveal our true selves online to sharing every intimate detail of our day for profit. We no longer have lives; we have lifestyles, and FOMO is the plague of our time. If we haven’t been seen, we do not exist.

7 Money Moves From Cardi B’s Invasion of Privacy

While a former reality star might not be the most conventional source for money management tips, Cardi has a lot to teach us about understanding one’s changing relationship to wealth, the importance of hustle, and navigating financial independence.

I Don't Think There's Anything Wrong With Marrying Men For Their Money

Women should marry for money. Not love or passion, but access to wealth. At every stage of their careers, male-led institutions make excuses to pay women less than they are worth, if they aren’t pushing them out of high-paying jobs outright. As far as I’m concerned, that money belongs to us — women — so why not marry the men it was given to instead, and make it ours?

6 Honest Questions & Answers Between 2 Friends With Very Different Incomes

So many of our social graces are tied up in money, that it’s almost inevitable that income disparities will become a sticking point between friends. Whether it’s the weekly meet-up for drinks, or shelling out for a bridesmaid dress, our social contracts necessitate everyday transactions that pile up, and some of us just can’t afford them. Last month, I sat down with my best friend, Alice to have a totally honest conversation about our financial lives.

5 Unexpected Little Victories That Made Me Realize I'm Getting Good With Money

If you were lucky, you had parents who were able to stringently pass on strong financial values. But if you weren’t, you likely to had to figure out how to manage money when you got your first official paycheck. Generational poverty is real, but so is generational money mismanagement. If you never had a proper model for how to be responsible with money, it makes it doubly hard to develop those habits on your own.