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Cocoa Vintage: The Artful Jeweller

Cocoa Vintage is geared towards women who appreciate art, as well as things that are different, cultural and unique. The pieces are delicate in nature, and remind you of a time, when things were painstakingly crafted from scratch. The earrings are elegant; the rings… dignified. The entire line solidifies an aesthetic that is earthy, cultured and genuine.

Nick Salloum: Engineer Gone FashionNiQ

The NiQ Fashion t-shirt, board shorts, and signature blue shades he wore during the interview attested to that. Although he hasn’t ruled out the possibility of showing in next year’s instalment of Fashion Week Trinidad and Tobago, his personal philosophy to “live fast and die young” indicates that NiQ’s future launches may become part of how Salloum sets his brand apart from the masses.

Christian Boucaud: Designing Her Dreams

“It’s a surreal feeling to have designers who I admire tell me that they admire my work and recognize my improvements,” she shares, adding that her schedule is even more hectic now. “Keeping up with the great response I received from Fashion Week is difficult, but I am loving it.”