Cardi B Is Changing How Black Women Are Pregnant In Public

Black celebrity women have recently started taking active control over how their pregnant bodies are seen in public by crafting specific narratives that center both their motherhood and their blackness. What makes Cardi B’s newly revealed pregnancy so notable is that she has intentionally deviated—and quite heavily at that—from the accepted and expected narratives of how black pregnant women should relate to their bodies in public spaces.

On The Guilt of Finding Joy in Kesha's Album Rainbow

Much of Rainbow exists in a conflicting binary: breezy, if contemplative (and, yes, sometimes even aggressive) tracks that speak to larger truths about shaking off the haters and rising above, followed by pleading, soul-searching numbers clearly written as a means to process trauma. They’re broad enough to apply to anyone and anything, but it would be hard not to conjure one specific face while listening.