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Keegan Simon: The Man, The 1NDIVIDUAL

You’d only think his braggadocio was unwarranted if you haven’t seen his product. It’s very clear that his art infiltrates every aspect of his business, and it’s his disregard for the traditional boundaries of art that make his t-shirts so compelling.

Keeping Company With Jaguars: Arts and Identity With Brianna McCarthy

Anyone familiar with her work can immediately make the connection between art and artist: elements of Brianna’s own image turn up constantly as motifs in her work. From the shape of her nose, to the kink of her hair, there is a little bit of herself in each of her women.

More Than Just A Selfie: Patrice Millien Uncovers Local Talent 

If you were hoping for more parodies, you’re out of luck. According to Patrice, there’s just too much danger of having her agency pigeonholed into a niche she doesn’t want to be in. But between the upcoming second season of “Uncovered” and Patrice’s other plans, there will be lots of great content for Trinidad to enjoy for ages to come.

Van Der Vlugt Is The New BridalWear Baron

Inundated by beautiful designs and stunning collections, the escapism of fashion allows people to forget that there’s a lot that goes into producing the gorgeous work that designers do. Sketching on a page only takes imagination, but bringing that vision to life and actually making money takes a business sense that many creatives neglect.

Below The Surface: Ryan Roque Continues The Local Tattoo Legacy

Sitting in the waiting area of Sinful Skin on French Street in Woodbrook, it’s easy to get sucked into the tattoo studio’s slow moving vibe. The contrast from the busy street outside is stark. All dim lighting and heart pounding music, Sinful Skin is a tiny but well curated escape from the mainstream.

Milestones: Vaughnette Bigford Celebrates A Decade In Jazz

It’s not easy to make your mark in local music when the landscape so heavily revolves around the yearly soca cycle, but Vaughnette Bigford, 40, has made her mark and more. On the cusp of celebrating ten years in jazz, Vaughnette told me a little about her career so far.