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Aryuveda: Finding The Balance

West Indians have always had a taste for “bush medicine.” Whether it’s orange peel tea for fever reduction and sore throat relief, bush baths for cleansing “maljo” and negative spirits, or ginger root for relieving gas pains, the knowledge that medicinal plants can be used for physical relief is not a foreign one. But a growing number are turning further east for relief. Enter ayurvedic medicine.

Word of Mouth: We need a HERO

History enthusiasts are in for a treat at this year’s installment of the Trinidad and Tobago Film Festival, as the new feature from award-winning Caribbean director and producer Frances-Anne Solomon makes its global debut. Starring Trinidadian Nickolai Salcedo in the title role, HERO: Inspired by The Extraordinary Life And Times of Mr Ulric Cross will be the opening night film at the 2018 festival. Inspired by a true story, and loosely based on Cross’s life, HERO examines the myth of the man known as the “most decorated West Indian of World War Two.”

Genevieve Jodhan: A Legacy of Change

In the end, Jodhan sees her legacy as something more outside herself than I would have guessed. “I see myself as a custodian for a company that has a very long history, and I would like to leave the company better than when I found it.” It’s a humble goal, but a sincere one. Genevieve Jodhan embodies the brand essence of Angostura with “big-heartedness, enrichment, and inclusiveness.” Her dedication and passion are evident, and it’s far from a surprise that a woman with this much verve was selected as the one to lead this legacy company into its next double century.