'Bago Chronicles: Moving Day

'Bago Chronicles: Moving Day
I'm here! It took all of today and there's more to do tomorrow, but as of right this second, I'm officially (mostly) moved into my new studio apartment in Tobago. #OfficiallyAdulting. It's a small studio apartment in Black Rock, and it's perfect. The area itself is gorgeous and breezy. There are chickens running around by the neighbors and a few more iguana that I'm comfortable with, but all in all, it's a perfect combination of the Tobago I remember from growing up, and the Tobago I need it to be as a ~*tWeNtY sOmEtHiNg PrOfEsSiOnAl*~

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Truthfully, I'm very nervous. I've moved here for a new job and for the first time I will be wholly responsible for myself. It's mildly terrifying but also weirdly freeing. No one ever really teaches you how to be an adult and I'm kind of beginning to realize that it's sink or swim. You're never going to be ready. You just have to strike out and hope you don't end up on the street. It'll take some adjusting, I'm sure I'll manage. I have to learn how to do everything on my own again. From navigating the island to learning to cook for one, to learning how to shop for one, I'm really going to have to dedicate some time to figuring out how to live on my own. 

But Tobago moves at such a relaxing pace that I think it may have already tricked me into thinking there is no sense of urgency. I've been to Tobago many times but I don't think I ever noticed how truly gorgeous it is until now. So much of the landscape is still unsullied, and even where there is evidence of people, the green space is always there, reminding you there are more important things in life. My apartment is literally two houses down from the beach. I can see the ocean every time I pull my car out of the garage. It's a little mind-blowing. 

I start at my new position in two weeks, so I have lots of time to acclimatize. I'm looking forward to decorating and making this space my own. It's small and cozy, but more than enough space for me. I'm kind of excited to have my first place. This is the start of another chapter of my life and I'm terrified, but open to possibilities. Let's see how things go...

I think I'm going to like it here.