Blogging HBO's Girls

I'm giving in. 

Since Girls premiered on HBO back in April, I've heard everything from praise to condemnation for the show. Some say the show's creator Lena Dunham is the "voice of a generation", others say that the show is whiter than white bread, and that it's a problem.

Since I was still in college when the show premiered, (and really, I was already watching too much TV) I decided that I was going to let this show pass me by. I wasn't going to watch. And since so many other sources had endlessly cataloged all the ways in which this show was ignoring me, a young, college-educated,  twenty-something female (who wanted to be) living in New York, and was BLACK, I figured, why support a show that doesn't support me?

But then I caught an episode. Episode 2: Vagina Panic to be specific. And it was hilarious. From "all the stuff on the side of condoms" to "throwing the best abortion ever", I was reminded so much of all the non-PC conversations that I have with my girlfriends in the privacy of our own little sphere of the world.

And I won't lie; the stark whiteness of the protagonists did bother me. It was definitely in the back of my mind. But what was in the forefront of my mind was the witty dialogue, the utter ridiculousness of half the things coming out of Lena Dunham's mouth, and the all too familiar situations surrounding sex and relationships.

Dunham's Girls might not represent every part of my personality, and I may not relate to every situation these girls find themselves in, but I can relate to the twenty-something experience, and so far, it looks like the show delivers on that, if nothing else.