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Pop culture is a massive, ever-increasing catalogue of symbols and meaning and its dissection is anthropology at its most relevant
— Alexis Nedd

Cate Young is a freelance writer based in Trinidad and Tobago and the creator of BattyMamzelle; a feminist pop culture blog focused on film, television, music and critical commentary on media representation. Her writing has dealt particularly with the intersection of race, gender and sexuality, and many of her most popular essays introduce an intersectional analysis to discussions of pop culture.

Her 2014 essay "This Is What I Mean When I Say White Feminism" continues to be cited around the web as an explainer on intersectionality and her writing has appeared in Bitch Magazine, Man Repeller and NYLON. She has been quoted in Mic.com, The LA Times and The AFP, and her essays have been used in college syllabi around the world. In 2016, she served as the inaugural Pop-Culture Criticism Fellow for Bitch Media. 

Cate has a BA in Photojournalism from Boston University and an MA in Mass Communications from the University of Leicester. Her focus is on media representation, its effects on larger culture, and its power to change social attitudes.

Pop culture does not exist in a vacuum. It is a feedback loop that is both sustained by and contributes to the way we see ourselves as a culture, and in relation to each other.
— Cate Young
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